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  • Sep 16, 2020.
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Windows computers come preinstalled with a program called Snipping Tool that can be used to take snapshots of all or part of the screen. Macs actually have a built-in snipping tool feature.

How to take a screenshot on a Mac

To use Apple’s built-in snipping tool to take screenshots, press Shift+Command+4 simultaneously on the keyboard, then click and drag the designated area, and a image file will be created on your desktop.

The Mac operating system has Grab built in. It is an excellent snipping tool for Mac to capture. Snipping Tool for Mac tools can be easily downloaded from any of the various websites. Just click on download and run the application in your device. If you come across any useful stuff on the web, make a simple click on the capture button.

Snipping tool desktop app download

If you want a snipping tool packed with additional features, download Skitch, from the creators of Evernote.

Skitch is a free snipping tool app for Macs that also allows you to easily draw arrows, boxes, add text, resize the image, and much more.

Skitch Features

Take Screenshot

Snipping tool mac download kostenlos windows 7

Add arrows or boxes

Add texts




These are just some of the key features of Skitch. Skitch can be downloaded in the App Store, here.

Please note that I am not affiliated or endorsed by Skitch or Evernote in any way. Skitch is honestly the best snipping tool I have ever used and I wanted to share the capabilities of Skitch over the basic built-in snipping tool.

Screenshots can be captured using any of the tools found in web browsers or you can also go for an application if you need to organize them. If you’re looking for an application which can help you capture screenshots, just search snipping tool for Mac free download. This article mentions some of the best Snipping Tool for Mac tools that are currently being used by millions of people worldwide.



Skitch is the new addition to Evernote that helps you capture and annotate screenshots that are saved in Evernote. If you’re opting for Snipping Tool for Mac, then this is one of the most recommended tools. You can also save images to Evernote using this snipping tool. New updates are being introduced for better results.


This Snip is a simple and effective Snipping Tool for Mac. This handy snipping tool lets you capture scrolling windows, images and it supports retina display. The captured images can be shared with your friends. It also comes with an auto detect feature, editable tags and gives you access to QQMail.

Web Clipper

Web Clipper is a neat Snipping Tool for Mac which is used to clip web pages as you browse the web. This tool serves as the best alternative to bookmark. It allows users to keep all clips in one place. Just click the save button to save a clip and share them instantly.

Sharpshooter 2

SharpShooter 2 is a Snipping Tool for Mac which is used to capture and organize screenshots. It comes with features that enable users to rename the screenshot, automatic rename, move the image to another folder, open the screenshot with another application, change the format of the image and add modifications to the image.

Light Shot

LightShot lets you capture screenshots in the fastest way possible. This Snipping Tool for Mac supports various platforms and can be downloaded online. It is easy to use application which provides fast screenshot capturing option and quick sharing of screenshots. Image search options and the powerful editors are the other features of this tool.


Briss is a Snipping Tool for Mac which is mainly used for cropping PDF files. It comes with a simple interface and lets you crop the file in very precise and efficient manner. The SourceForge website can be accessed to download this snipping tool.


Microsoft Snipping Tool Download



Tiny Grab

Snipping Tool

Apowersoft Mac Screenshot – Most Popular Software

This is the most popular choice for Snipping Tool for Mac and it helps you capture screenshots with utmost ease. Use this tool to share your record game score, make annotations or capture other vital information that your find in the websites. It also comes with a window detection feature and provides an option for multiple screenshots.

How to Install Snipping Tool for Mac?

Snipping Tool for Mac tools can be easily downloaded from any of the various websites. Just click on download and run the application in your device. If you come across any useful stuff on the web, make a simple click on the capture button. The captured screenshots will be organized automatically and you can access them instantly. Find the best Snipping Tool for Mac for better capture of screenshots. You can also see Video Editing Tools

Snipping Tool for Mac tools can be downloaded for free or accessed online. Search for open source software tools if you need a free tool for capturing screenshots. Be it a grab tool Mac or a snipping tool for iPad, you can find it online. Install the snipping tool on your device for quick capture of screenshots.

Snipping Tool Desktop App Download

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