1. Omnifocus 3 Manual
Not only is it not coming tomorrow, it isn't coming next month, or even the month after that! OmniPlan 2 has been in private beta for a few months, and no doubt will go through a more public beta for a month or so before it actually ships. OmniFocus is still in the development cycle for an OmniFocus 1.x release (but one where the public can download and use it, unlike the OmniPlan 2 beta) which would not make a lot of sense if OmniFocus 2 is going to be available very shortly thereafter. There's also a new release of OmniOutliner in the schedule, and both OmniPlan 2 and OmniOutliner 4 are expected before OmniFocus 2.
If I'm wrong, there are a couple things working in your favor. Omni offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if OmniFocus 2 ships within 30 days of your purchase, you should be able to get the upgrade for free (assuming they don't charge more for it than for OmniFocus). Also, Omni offers a pretty decent credit for having bought any previous version, usually around 2/3 of the price. If you're buying a tool that you are going to use all the time, it won't take very long to recoup the other 1/3. Let's say you buy it today, and 4 months from now OmniFocus 2 ships (a very aggressive target), with an upgrade cost of $30 (high end of the range). If you can't make yourself $30 more productive in 4 months of using it, it might not be worth buying for $80! In my estimation, it is likely to be more months, and fewer dollars.
Also, having OmniFocus on both Mac and iPad gives you a more powerful system than either alone. See my post here for more details. If you like what you see of OmniFocus for Mac now, you should buy it, rather than waiting for OmniFocus 2.
Omnifocus 3

Omnifocus 3 Manual

OmniFocus 3 adds power and flexibility — while also making it easier to get started and easier to work the way you want to work. We’ve replaced contexts with tags, made scheduling and notifications more flexible, updated the design, added automation and collaboration features — and even created a web app, since not everybody always has their Mac, iPhone, or iPad available.