DownThemAll is a Firefox add-on that's also a powerful download manager.

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Open the DownThemAll window and you can view all the links, pictures and embedded files within the current page. Filters allow you to select, say, all the archive files or JPEG images in a single click. Then click Start! and DownThemAll will grab all your files at high speed. (It splits files into multiple sections, then downloads these in parallel for an extra performance boost.)

The program provides full control over the download process. So if you find DownThemAll is using too much bandwidth, say, then you can pause your downloads while you do something else, and resume them later. And you're able to rearrange your queued files into your desired order, so the most important will arrive first.

There's also a useful option to automatically rename downloaded files. The program allows you to add tags that will define a file's destination folder and file name, according to details like the website URL, link description, date and time of download, and more.

Free Download Manager. The Mac downloader you want to try out is called Free Download Manager and follows the pattern set by its predecessor. FDM does everything the Mac download manager should do: restart interrupted downloads, increase download speed, change the available bandwidth, plan operation, and even support the BitTorrent protocol. πŸ…³πŸ…ΎπŸ††πŸ…½πŸ…»πŸ…ΎπŸ…°πŸ…³ Free download DownThemAll! Mozilla Firefox extension that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser. 3.0.7 was released. It is a maintenance release to the new DownThemAll! 3.0.7 Multi-lingual Windows, Linux, Mac; The file has a SHA-1.

And if you don't like any of this, the good news is that just about every element of DownThemAll's operations can be tweaked in its detailed Preferences dialog. The maximum number of downloads, retry policy, how to be alerted when a download is complete, link filters, privacy settings, interface options and more are all available for speedy customisation, allowing you to set up the program to run exactly as you need.

What's new in 4.2.4 (see changelog for more)?

Downthemall 3

- Fixed an issue where sorting in the selection window would eventually queue the wrong items


DownThemAll is an excellent Firefox extension that easily outperforms many stand-alone download managers

Manually downloading pictures and other files from webpages can get tedious after a while. Use download managers like DownThemAll to automate the process.


Don't miss a thing

DownThemAll is a free, reliable, and user-friendly browser extension that lets you download any media files and embedded links contained on a website with a simple click.
DownThemAll is a well-known Firefox extension and rather handy tool for managing downloads.

Grab what you need

Set up your preferences so that you can filter through available file types on a webpage. An advanced accelerator increases speed up to four times than that of the regular browser-integrated download manager.

The graphical interface shows you everything important. Insert a location for the files and type in the website's URL from where you're loading the content. The integrated one-click feature makes the process ever more comfortable by letting you select a constant download spot.

You can set your maximum number of downloads or different maximum speeds for individual files either by server or as a global preference with relative ease. An advanced feature even allows loading files partially.

Thanks to its implemented support for Firefox trackless browsing, you can take advantage of DownThemAll in private mode as well. Another great feature is support for third-party file hosting sites like RapidShare, 4shared, etc. There's no need to enable third-party cookies when cookies have been disabled.

Is there a better alternative?

It boils down to personal preference, as there are similar apps available on every platform, such as JDownloader 2, FlashGot, Multithreaded Download Manager (Firefox), uGet, and more. As a Firefox extension, DownThemAll does its job well and continues to be popular.

Where can you run this program?

You can easily install the extension on your Mozilla Firefox browser via the DownThemAll homepage, or you can find it on many software download sites.

Our take

In an endless sea of free download managers and other useful plugins, DownThemAll remains a robust and easy-to-use tool that comes in handy when surfing the net.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're a Firefox user who downloads pictures and other files often, then it's definitely worth adding to your collection of handy browser extensions.

Downthemall Chrome Extension