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ShadowPlay, from Nvidia, is an extension to GeForce experience. It allows you to record your gameplay. It is a nifty tool that makes session recording and sharing easy.

Keep track of your gaming progress

It is fantastic for budding streamers to get there gameplay to fans.

To start it, you need to locate the triangular share button and click. You should see it in the top right corner. A full-screen overlay will pop up, which gives you three recording options. Three recording methods make this program essential to gamers.

Nvidia geforce drivers windows 10

Instant Replay, gives you the option to record the last five minutes of gameplay. This feature is excellent for PC resources. It also improves the performance of your PC while recording. ShadowPlay makes it easy to save these too. If there are highlights you want to keep, press Alt+F10 to save. It’s possible to increase the recording time up to 20 minutes if you feel the need.

The Record feature is similar to the Instant Replay. If you press Alt+F9, you can turn the recording on, and off manually. Check this feature out when you know something exciting is about to happen. ShadowPlay allows you to relive the moment again, and again.

Finally, you have the Broadcast Live option. This is fantastic for streamers. The tool is fully compatible with platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. You can also set the quality, and bitrate to suit the speed of the Internet.

Where can you run this program?

This program can run on Windows Vista, and later. It is currently not available for Mac OS or Linux.

Nvidia Geforce For Mac

Is there a better alternative?

No, there is not a better alternative out there if you are running with an Nvidia graphics card. If another manufacturer makes your graphics card, look at MSI Afterburner, Captura or Open Broadcaster.

Our take

ShadowPlay has options to cover your needs for recording gameplay sessions. Use it, and you will see the results when it comes to your streaming, and highlight-reel videos.

Should you download it?

Yes, download it, build up your gameplay videos, and share it. Whether you share with your gaming buddies or the wider online community. ShadowPlay has everything you need.