Apache Ignite is an open source memory-centric distributed platform. We can use it as a database, a caching system or for the in-memory data processing. The platform uses memory as a storage layer, therefore has impressive performance rate.

  • GridGain Community Edition is a hardened, high performance, source-available in-memory computing platform. Built on open source Apache Ignite ®, it includes additional functionality, tuning and patches developed by GridGain ® to deliver optimal performance.
  • Get the latest Apache OpenOffice release for your MacOS X. User Support. Please subscribe to the users mailing list. Send an empty email to [email protected] and just reply to the returned email. News and weblog. Recent news articles from the Apache OpenOffice homepage.
  • Note that this package will ONLY work on Mac OS 10.4, NOT 10.3! I installed it on 10.3 and the installation failed at the end, and then the Apache server would not restart because it could no longer load the php shared library. I can't find any precompiled version of PHP 5.2 available for Mac OS 10.3.
  • In order to guard against corrupted downloads/installations, it is highly recommended to verify the signature of the release bundles against the public KEYS used by the Apache Maven developers. Link Checksums.

Download Apache Ignite® and install in your environment. Select from one of the available options.

To get LGPL dependencies (e.g. Hibernate L2 Cache), see Building The Binaries.

Source Releases

VersionDocsRelease NotesDateSource
2.8.1 (latest)guide, javadocrelease notes2020-05-27apache-ignite-2.8.1-src.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.8.0guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2020-03-03apache-ignite-2.8.0-src.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.7.6guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2019-09-19apache-ignite-2.7.6-src.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.7.5guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2019-06-04apache-ignite-2.7.5-src.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.7.0guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2018-12-05apache-ignite-2.7.0-src.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.6.0guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2018-07-16apache-ignite-2.6.0-src.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.5.0guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2018-05-29apache-ignite-2.5.0-src.zip (pgp, sha512)

If you are looking for an earlier version of Apache Ignite, please find it in the archive.

If you encounter a problem with the selected mirror, please choose another one. If primary mirrors are not reachable, switch to backup servers added to the end of the list.

Binary Releases

Binary release packages are provided for your convenience and not considered as primary release artifacts of the ASF. It's recommended to verify a release downloadable, following this guidelines. For more information about Apache release policy see What is a Release?

VersionDocsRelease NotesDateBinary
2.8.1 (latest)guide, javadocrelease notes2020-05-27apache-ignite-2.8.1-bin.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.8.0guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2020-03-03apache-ignite-2.8.0-bin.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.7.6guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2019-09-19apache-ignite-2.7.6-bin.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.7.5guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2019-06-04apache-ignite-2.7.5-bin.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.7.0guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2018-12-05apache-ignite-2.7.0-bin.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.6.0guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2018-07-16apache-ignite-fabric-2.6.0-bin.zip (pgp, sha512)
2.5.0guide, javadoc, scaladocrelease notes2018-05-29apache-ignite-fabric-2.5.0-bin.zip (pgp, sha512)

If you are looking for previous release versions of Apache Ignite, please have a look in the archive.

Docker and Cloud Images

Docker Imageguide2020-03-03https://hub.docker.com/r/apacheignite/ignite/tags
Amazon Imageguide2018-07-16https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/home?region=us-west-1#launchAmi=ami-9cdbb3fc
Google Compute Imageguide2018-07-16ignite-google-image.tar.gz (pgp, sha512)

How to Verify

The PGP signatures can be verified using PGP or GPG. First download the Apache Ignite KEYS file as well as the .asc signature files for the desired release version. Make sure you get these files from the main distribution directory, rather than from a mirror. Then verify the signatures.

Please check How to Verify Downloaded Files for more information on how and why you should verify Apache Ignite releases.

Download from Maven

Ignite requires only one ignite-core mandatory dependency. Usually you will also need to add ignite-spring for spring-based XML configuration, and ignite-indexing for SQL querying.

Most often your Ignite pom file will look like this (replace ${ignite-version} with the latest Ignite version).

See Maven Setup for a full list of Maven dependencies.

Download from NuGet

Ignite.NET is also distributed through NuGet. There are multiple packages: nuget.org/packages?q=Apache.Ignite

See Getting Started for more info.

RPM Package Installation

Apache Ignite can also be installed from the official RPM repository: https://bintray.com/apache/ignite-rpm

Add the repository to Yum repositories list:

Then install the latest Apache Ignite version (accept the ​GPG key import prompt):

See Getting Started for more information on how to start an Apache Ignite node and check logs.

DEB Package Installation

Apache Ignite can also be installed from the official debian repository: https://bintray.com/apache/ignite-deb

Add the repository to APT repositories list:

Then install the latest Apache Ignite version (accept the ​GPG key import prompt):

See Getting Started for more information on how to start an Apache Ignite node and check logs.

Building the Binaries

Apache Ignite Example

NOTE: Ignite supports JDK 8 and JDK 11.

GIT Repository


3rd Party Binaries

This is a list of 3rd party binary packages based on Apache Ignite. The Apache Ignite project does not endorse or maintain any 3rd party binary packages.

GridGain Professional Edition is a binary build of Apache Ignite created by GridGain, which includes optional LGPL dependencies, such as Hibernate L2 cache integration and Geospatial Indexing, as well as bug fixes and features which may be included into the future official Apache Ignite releases.

Apache Ignite Gui

GridGain also provides his own GridGain Maven Repository containing Apache Ignite LGPL artifacts such as ignite-hibernate.
Please note that artifacts located at GridGain Maven Repository provided for convenience and are NOT official Apache Ignite artifacts.

Apache Spark Download For Mac

If you would like to provide your own edition of Apache Ignite here, please send email to Ignite dev list.